We have constantly been striving to make students as aware as possible of the various choices and options available so that they can take more informed decisions while making decisions for travel and accommodation. We assist students to get the best possible accommodation in overseas countries before they fly. Accommodation is a very important aspect of a student’s entire academic journey at an international destination. Not obtaining a proper accommodation can severely affect a student’s day-to-day general activities but also can severely hamper their overall academic progress. We help students obtain the accommodation keeping in mind their needs and budget. We help students get either on-campus or off-campus accommodation. Before finalizing the unit, we consult the student and obtain approval.  We carry out entire documentation procedure on students’ behalf. Thus, we help smoothen the process and make every effort to lessen the worries of students and parents.

There are some guidelines that students should keep in mind before deciding accommodation. Choosing a unit that suits a students’ budget and convenience. Student may go for either an on-campus or an off-campus accommodation unit. On-campus accommodation tends to be more expensive than off-campus accommodation. Off-campus accommodation costs may be shared among residents staying in the unit. Also choosing a location that should not be too far from their institution. It will save one cost, effort and time. We help students choose a location that will help them serve other basic requirements easily. Proximity to markets, medical establishments, entertainment centers, restaurants and hotels is desirable. It will help them save cost, effort and time.

We provide complete guidance on compiling one’s travel documents and submitting them to the various authorities. We will also help students’ get the relevant documents from the foreign university to enable their visa process. Through our tie-ups with reliable travel agencies, we provide a complete travel solution from ticketing to airport transfer and temporary hotel accommodation in the foreign country, until their hostel/accommodation is done.

We try to make students aware about the risks various challenges cultural differences they will face abroad. We advise them to arrange a proper accommodation according to their budget. We also advise students with accommodation options, local availability and costs involved so that they can plan their stay according to their budget constraints and comfort levels well in advance.

We guide students to care of their flight tickets well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and also best discounts. We help them in identifying the right airline for excess baggage schemes. Several international airlines offer special schemes for students & our counselors help them with this information.

Accommodation provided by a university is always expensive. Many students cannot afford it due to budget constraints and then nothing is better than this. But if not then we can help students with both temporary and permanent accommodation for them in the study destination they have chosen.

When student land in a foreign country for the first time, everything is new for them. They don’t know where to go. Our travel counselors guide them with how they have to reach their destination and also try to provide them with travel assistance in an unknown country. We have students studying all across the globe. We can contact them about one’s journey, so someone known can help them and make their new journey comfortable in an unknown country.