Why Ireland:

Ireland is a beautiful destination with a combination of modern cities and rich natural habitat. The Ireland Republic provides a blend of history, culture, entertainment, and adventure all at one place. It offers over 5000+ programs and there is something for every student. Ireland has produced famous authors like Yeats and Shaw. It has a young vibrant population and is one of the most exciting places to study in. The Emerald Isle offers a striking landscape which is breathtaking and is popularly known as the “land of saints and scholars”. It also offers a lot of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. We are study abroad consultants in Pune and help you searching the best university.

Education System:

Irish Government invests over 782 million annually in research in Ireland’s higher education institutions. The impact of this funding is that Ireland’s higher education institutions now lead the world in an increasing number of fields. Irish universities are in the top 1% of research institutions in the world in terms of research impact in 19 fields, spanning natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. This creates a unique opportunity for you at undergraduate and postgraduate level to join research programs that are driving innovation and changing lives worldwide.

Higher education in Ireland consists of universities, specialist colleges (offering courses in a single subject area), and institutes of technology. The latter don’t just offer courses in technology subjects, but also cover a wide range of vocational programs, in subjects including hospitality, healthcare, pharmacy, media, textiles, marketing and many more. Ireland’s seven public universities are all ranked within the world’s top 700 in the QS World University Rankings, as is one of the 14 institutes of technology. Ireland also has seven private-sector colleges, ranging in size from the tiny Burren College of Art, which has only about 200 students, to the huge Dublin Business School, which has a student community of about 9,000.


We also guide you on how to apply for scholarships. The Government of Ireland and the Irish Universities Association announced a scholarship scheme offering Indian students a chance to pursue their studies in Ireland with 10,000 awarded for living expenses and full tuition fee waiver. Students can apply for this Ireland scholarship once they have an offer from an Irish University for a full time taught postgraduate Master’s program.


Working part-time during your studies is a great way to supplement your income while learning new skills, meeting new people and gaining valuable experience in working in a foreign country. Sure, working as a student isn’t for everyone, and balancing a work, study and social life can be demanding, but it will also give you invaluable life experience – and for many people, that’s what being a student is all about. Once you have finished your studies in Ireland, you may wish to stay back a little longer and consider taking up a job to gain invaluable work experience. Time spent working abroad will strengthen your CV, and will help establish your career once you decide to come back to your home country and our consultants help you with these opportunities.