Scholarship & Aid

We help you in find and secure the best possible financial support to make your dream of study abroad a reality. Most International Institutes offer a wide range of Scholarships and Financial Aids to help you assist bearing the cost involved in your education. These financial support consists of scholarships, grants, university financial aids, private financial aids, sponsorships and loans.  We have strong ties with some of the best international education institutions and we help you prepare applications that increase your chances of securing financial aid or scholarship.

  • We give you with a clear estimate of the cost involved which includes applications cost, institution cost, cost of living in the country of your choice, and also the traveling and accommodation costs.
  • We try to find the best possible program within your budget constraints.
  • We try to locate the financial aid or scholarship according to your eligibility.
  • We help you prepare strong admission application clearly highlighting your specific strengths increasing your chances of securing a scholarship or financial aid.
  • In case of lack of funds for a specific program we advice you and help you locate outside financial help, such as a third party aid, a loan or even a sponsor.

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