Students who dream to study abroad are mostly worried about the costs involved with it. We at Southernseas have partnered with the leading provider of international student loan programs to provide students around the world with financial aid options to fund their education abroad We help students to find and assist with the best possible financial support through scholarships for masters abroad to make their dream to study abroad a reality. There are hundreds of scholarships offered to study abroad, including general scholarships and more specialized funding schemes and make cost involved bearing much easier. The criteria by which universities offer scholarships are usually: academic excellence, students have to be under a certain age limit In addition, students will find out there are special scholarship offers for each level of degree.

Financial support offered consists of scholarships, grants, university financial aids, private financial aids, sponsorships and loans. Searching through all these overseas scholarships out can be a pretty mammoth task. But we try to make this easier by creating lists of scholarships to study abroad, grouped into various categories. We have tied with some of the best international education institutions and we help them prepare applications that increase their chances of securing financial aid or overseas scholarship.

Students are always confused with the cost estimations as they don’t have a clear picture about costs involved for education, accommodation and other costs involved. We help giving them a clear picture about the cost involved which includes application cost, institution cost, cost of living in the country of their choice, and also the traveling and accommodation costs. This helps them to know what the expenses would be so they can prepare their financial estimates accordingly.

Every student has some budget constraints when they think of overseas education and we try to search the best possible program that is scholarships for studying abroad within their budget constraints. This helps them to plan their path for overseas education. According to every student’s eligibility we try to locate the best overseas scholarship or financial aid.

The most important part in overseas education involves building a strong admission application which highlights specific strengths. These include numerical measures of success, such as your competitive class rank, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and recommendations which play an important role in building your applicant profile and determining which colleges are good matches for you. We help students prepare such brief application which increase their chances of securing the best overseas scholarship or financial aid.  

There are 5 types of study overseas scholarships that are well known in the mainstream. They are Merit-Based, Need-Based, Student-Specific, Career-Specific and College specific. Based on these merits, we match students with the right university. We have extensive partnerships with colleges worldwide and also have all necessary resources to match talent with study overseas scholarships.

If we lack in providing scholarships program or funds we advise student to help and locate financial help from other resources outside such as third party aid or a loan provider or even a sponsor can be searched for.