Student Testimonials

Student experiences and testimonials.

Akash Rajguru at Software Research Institute, Athlone, Ireland

Cia George, TAFE Queensland College, Australia.


My experience with Southern Seas Education has been wonderful. They presented me with a number of different courses to choose from.

I could always trust them more because they only suggested Good and Verified courses. They always focused on the quality and authenticity of courses and their suggestions were mostly accurate. Throughout the process they were very helpful, approachable and happy to assist me with my queries and problems.

Southern Seas Education helped me find a very good college to study in Australia. It is TAFE Queensland College. I am currently studying here and I am very happy with the education quality, accurate teaching methodology and world class facilities available to me for learning and exploring.

Gia George
TAFE Queensland College

Danesh Irani, Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute, Ottawa


I completed my Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Studies from the University of Pune and wanted to study further focusing on my Culinary skills. I decided to go ahead and make a career out of my passion for Patisserie.

I was referred to Southern Seas Education by a family friend. Not only did Southernseas helped me find a number of suitable courses matching my expectation, but they also guided and helped me throughout the entire admission and visa process.

Having successfully completed the entire Admission and Visa processes, I am currently pursuing my 9 month Diplome de Patisserie and Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute, Ottawa, Canada and I am doing very well here. The international exposure, leaning experiences from prominent world-class Chefs and the challenges of living independently in a foreign country is a highly exhilarating and enriching experience for me.

All the efforts I put together to get here are completely worth it. And without Southern Seas Education none of this would have been possible. They have my strongest recommendations.

Danesh Irani
Diplome De patisserie,
Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute,

Shruti Sain, Brisbane


I was recommended to Southern Seas Education by a friend and was extremely satisfied by the level of support and orientation provided by them throughout the admission process. The staff at Southern Seas ensured that the entire admission and visa process was smooth and hassle free saving me the anxiety that usually is characteristic of this time. Apart from that, I was able to gain assistance from them on several tertiary matters like Ticketing, Foreign Exchange and Indian Students in Brisbane, so on……..Thank you, for helping me along my path of self discovery in Brisbane.



Babu Mathew, University Of Canberra, Australia


I approached Southern Seas Education Kerala through a friend who has already gone to Australia by that time doing a Masters course in Accounting. I would like to inform you that through your help in finding a good place for studies and hard work in well doing studies; today I see them as most happiest people. When I contacted Southern Seas in Kerala in 2009, they were much interested the facts that I am interested in studying in Australia. With few consultation I was able to select a course which would give me future career growth and prosperous in life. I am doing my master in Human Resource Management in the University Of Canberra, Australia. I would recommended people to come to Canberra, because it such a lovely place for students to study. It is a well behaved and safe city. So I am happy to introduce Southern Seas Education to anyone who seeks an admission for studies abroad. And people can trust them (SSE) as an educational consultant.

Reji Tedy, New Zealand


I am Reji Tedy. I am 28 years old and a nurse by profession from Kerala. I am now a permanent Resident of New Zealand. I came to Wellington with my husband in July 2006 to do RN to BN course in UCOL at Palmers ton North, New Zealand. At the beginning things were a bit tough for us but slowly everything turned in our favour. The course went on well and we migrated to Willington as my husband got job with Wellington City Transport as a bus driver. We brought our daughter in April 2007. I cleared OET in March and have also completed my competency in June 2008…..Southern Seas staff were always helpful and loyal to us especially Mrs. Victoria Sukhia. She was so generous about explaining things regarding the course, registration, life in New Zealand and the future of nursing.